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Welcome to the Home Education Network.

Our aim is to provide support and information for people wishing to educate their children from a home base.

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Please note HEN is a parent support group, not a business.

Whenever you contact someone at HEN, we are all volunteers who home educate our own children. We are all keen to help other home educators find the information they need, put them in touch with the right person, book you into classes/events/camps, or post out things you have ordered and we strive to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. The HEN team do an amazing job of supporting other home educators and are often so efficient that many people who contact us don’t realise we aren’t a professional organisation but please do keep in mind that all us are volunteers who do have children at home who need our attention. For this reason, we can’t always respond as quickly as you would expect from professionals. Please bear with us, we are committed to helping, sometimes it just takes a little time.

Otherways Issue 140 – out now Otherways-140-cover-sml

In this issue:

·         Carleen Sing and Rachel Clark on the 60 minutes segment.
·         Unlocking Imagination and Creativity by Mark Bachmann
·         Education: What does a ‘good one’ look like? by Sue Minto
·         A Screen-free Week by Lauren Carter
·         Soul Schooling by Carolyn Franzke
·         Clarabel College (blogger interview) with Jess Pritchard
·         Geelong Home Educators Photospread by Gnat Atherden
·         The Heart of Home Education by Indrani Perera
·         It’s OK to Have Bad Days by Susanne
·         Other Ways After Home Education by Colita Scott
·         Warrnambool Home-ed Group’s Dairy Farm Visit
·         Unit Study: Bleach and Japan by Kathleen Humble
·         Island Sleuthing: from floods to food by Jeanie Clark

As well as all our usual sections.

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John Holt on DVD

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In 1981 John Holt came to Australia to give a series of lectures and workshops on home education. He spoke on a range of topics such as Schools vs Home Education, Socialisation and Time Management. John Holt was a teacher who advocated for school reform with such books as How Schools Fail and How Children Learn (1970) which together sold a million and half copies. When John became convinced that school reform was never going to be a reality, he became convinced that the only way to truly get an education was to not go to school and he established the first homeschooling magazine, Growing Without Schooling. His last book, Teach Your Own fully advocated home education and helped launch home education as an alternative educational pathway. This DVD shows the lecture John Holt gave at the Melbourne Zoo during his visit to Australia. It is a pleasure to finally see and hear this man whose ideas have been an inspiration to so many of us during our own home education journey. You can purchase a copy in our shop for just $15 plus postage.

Home Education Network

If you are new to home education, we recommend you start with our Information Sheet. Home Education Network is the home of Otherways magazine, one of the most widely read Home Education magazines in Australia today. We have articles that will inspire you, inform you, make you laugh and cry, but most of all help in one of the most important decisions in your life – Home Education is right for me! Our articles delve into all the things you wish to know about educating your own children. We have put selected articles only on this website, if you wish to subscribe and enjoy all the articles plus information on events, resources, classifieds and receive our regular network lists of home educating families, the cost is only AUS$40 or $25 per year depending on your membership type. Home Education Network is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that provides information and support for home educating (home schooling) families. We provide information through this website, by posting out free information sheets and we have a Free Online Home Education Information Service. This service is run by experienced home educators who will answer all your questions. Send an e-mail to or phone 03 9517 7107 where you can leave your details and have a home educator call you back. Through our website, we advertise local, interstate and overseas events. Home Education (home schooling) is now a serious choice for many parents when contemplating the educational pathways for their children. Home education in Australia and world wide has grown threefold in the past few years due to the problems facing our public school systems and also from the outstanding results seen in home educated children and young adults in their academic, social and family lives.